by - 06:40:00 is down for close to 30 days and from every information available, you should not expect them back up very soon. Nigeria Internet Registrar has now formally taken over their domain name and place an advert on the site homepage.


Every information available point to the fact that the company is in deep water with the Indian authority. owners, Hargurnaz Karimsingh Vijaysingh and Parabhnaj Karamsingh Vijaysingh were nabbed after the police received a complaint from one Ajaykumar Thakur who lost $7,000 to an email scam which involved a fake custom email address ([email protected]) registered through

After further investigation by the police, it was discovered that the founders are in possession of 40,000 domain names most of which are used for fraud and for creating fake websites which are related to various goverments, terror groups, p*rn sites, fake bank logins etc. The domains were sold to people from about 100 countries and the accused never cared about what the domains names and sites were used for all because of the money they make.

According to an online report at Sakal Times, in 2008, Hargurnaz had set up Ideaa Biz Solutions as domain registrar, web hosting and Internet company. In 2014, he established Hannu Internet Corp. Private Limited with him and his mother as directors. This company operated operated from Jalandhar, India with 24x7 technical support with the help of 14 computers through the website

Police officials said that initially the accused did genuine work but since 2012, he had been associated with fraudsters mostly from Nigeria who use domain names for fake websites to cheat people through bogus lotteries, jobs, email spoofing, etc.

Out of the total 86,000 websites they manage, 30,875 were registered by people from Nigeria.

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