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GTBank Virtual MasterCard is a digital payment card designed as a secure and flexible alternative to physical payment cards. You can get your virtual card instantly because it is issued via Internet Banking. It is good for online transaction whereby you don’t was to use you regular card or whenever you lost you ATM.

To Generate GTBank Virtual MasterCard
Log on to
Under Internet Banking, click on "Login" and sign in with your internet banking User ID and Password
Scroll down and click on "Cards" at the left sidebar
Click on "Virtual Card Request'
Click on "New Request"
Select the Account to Debit for charges
Click on the ‘Account to link’ and agree to the "Terms and Condition" check boxes
Answer your secret question and click the ‘Continue’ button
The confirmation button is then displayed
Generate a 6-digit code from your hardware token device
Input the generated 6-digit token code on the confirmation page and click the 'Submit' button

Internet Banking will display the details of the Pre-paid card once your request is successful:
PAN (Card Number), Expiry date, Activation Code, CVV
Note: You can view the details of your Virtual card anytime by clicking “view card details” but you will require the use of Hardware token.

How to Transfer Fund to GTBank Virtual MasterCard via Internet Banking
You must fund your GTB Virtual Master Card before you can use it to make online payments.
You can easily do this by making use of the "Own Account Transfer" by clicking on  "Account Transfer"
Note: ensure that the virtual card's account number has been listed on your Internet banking dashboard; else you won't be able to fund it.
So, if the GTB virtual debit card's account number is not showing immediately you generate it, just exercise patient till it appears. You might have to wait till the next working day though.
Note: Creating the GTBank Virtual Pre-paid Card is not free. Certain amount will be deducted from your GTBank accounts and the most interesting part; you can convert your Virtual Card to a Physical MasterCard.

How to Convert to Your Virtual Pre-paid card to a Physical MasterCard
In your dashboard, click ‘Convert to physical Card’ link button as shown on the right
Select the Account to debit for the card Charge
Select your preferred PickUp Branch
Answer your secret question and click the ‘Continue’ button
A record submitted successfully is displayed once request is complete
Note: The card is removed from the History page and will no longer available as a Virtual card’.

Transaction Limit
Maximum daily loadable limit: N100, 000
Daily Transaction limit (POS): N250, 000.
Maximum amount permitted on your card at any point in time: N250, 000

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