When you advertise your Products and Services on our range of websites and you can be confident of good returns on investment. Every advert placement is displayed on:
This is good value for money because each of the blog above has a traffic of over 10, 000 views every month. That is a combined value of 20, 000 people seeing you advertisement every month.
Our Advertisement rates are listed below:
Header Banner 320 * 100
Top of Page Display
250 Naira per Day
Side Banner 350 * 250
Right/Left Side Display
150 Naira per Day
Footer Banner 350 * 250
Bottom of Page Display
100 Naira per Day
Featured Post (Article)

2000 Naira per Week

All advert placements are for a minimum of 2 weeks.
You are required to design a good banner in .jpg or .png format (you can send more than one banner)
Payment is via bank account or via MTN recharge card (attract 10% for card payment)
You can advertise everything that is not against the law of Nigeria and are not sex related advert.

Contact: 08108800311 (Call, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram)

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