When you advertise your Products and Services on our range of websites and you can be confident of good returns on investment. 

This is good value for money because each of the blog above has a traffic of over 10, 000 views every month. That is a combined value of 20, 000 people seeing you advertisement every month.
Our Advertisement rates are listed below:
Header Banner 320 * 100
Top of Page Display
500 Naira per Day
Side Banner 350 * 250
Right/Left Side Display
350 Naira per Day
Footer Banner 350 * 250
Bottom of Page Display
250 Naira per Day
Featured Post (Article)

1000 Naira per Week

All advert placements are for a minimum of 4 weeks.
You are required to design a good banner in .jpg or .png format (you can send more than one banner)
Payment is via bank account or via MTN recharge card (attract 10% for card payment)
You can advertise everything that is not against the law of Nigeria and are not sex related advert.

Contact: 08033072459 (Call, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram)