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A new messaging app has finally landed from Google to compete with BBM, Whatsapp and Telegram.  Google just built a messaging app around the most useful bot there is: Google (googl,) search. The Google Allo messenger is designed to make chatting simple and fun.  


Allo, was announced in May by Google but we all have to wait till the last quarter of the year to download it. One of the greatest point is that it marries Google search with many of the fun features people have grown accustomed to using in other apps.

Google is doing a lot in the area of Application developments in the last few weeks. Recently released Duo is google very own dedicated video calling app, easy to use and user friendly even with slow internet connection.

Google Allo brings you the Google Assistant, preview edition. Find restaurants nearby, share videos to watch, and get answers, right in your conversation with friends. Add @google to your group conversation or chat one-on-one with your Assistant. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.

Both Duo and now Allo are tied to your phone number rather than your Google account, Duo is a dedicated video calling app; while Allo is a dedicated Instant Messaging app comparable to the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage

 Google Allo carries a number of like-minded features which includes
group chatting,
Stickers packs
The option to let messages expire.
Dedicated Assistant akin to Google Now, which can readily answer your questions and queries with the '@Google' command.

The big thing that's missing is the ability to make video and audio calls, which I believe was intentional.

Note, it is still rolling out to countries gradually but you can pre-register on Googleplaystore or on your Apple store now.

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