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There is a convenient way of exchanging your airtime for real cash but so many people are not aware for a very long time. You can now exchange your airtime for real cash. The recharge card you earn from your ad company can be converted to cash and it will be deposited in your bank account thank to Zoranga. Zoranga simple help convert your recharge cards into cash in your bank account.


How Can I Convert my Airtime to Cash?
Zoranga is a first platform that gives you a real opportunity to convert airtime to cash. It allows you to Fund any account in Nigeria without visiting the bank. Another good part is that you can send money to any Zoranga account. It is one of the simplest ways to send money to a love one or fund your bank account without visiting your bank account. Zoranga slogan says it all, No Bank required, No ATM required.  Just your Airtime!

This is Why You Should Make Use of Zoranga
You can deposit money into your bank account with your Airtime
You can send money to your love ones with your Airtime
You can allow friends to make donation to you via social media
You can even become an agent with Zoranga.

How Can I Join?
Visit www.zoranga.com and sign up, after you sign up, you can follow the steps in setting up your account.

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