Improving the quality of your chat experience on Whatsapp is very important. There are so many wonderful Whatsapp features that we are not using because we are not aware of them. Let me introduce to you 7 awesome features that will enhance your Whatsapp experience.


Conceal that you ignore someone
Sometimes we simply have not the time to respond to the call or message. But it does not necessarily mean we haven’t noticed the attempt to contact us. All a mobile user has to do is just go to Settings, choose Account, then Privacy, and Read Receipts. Remove double blue ticks from each of these options. By keeping these functions off, the one who messages you via Whatsapp won’t discover that you have actually read the message without providing a response (unless your partner uses one of those nasty spy apps that reveal all your mobile phone activity).

Hide your ‘last seen’ time from everyone
Do you wish to enjoy guilt-free message dodging when using your Whatsapp? Double blue ticks are not the only way to notify user’s message-dodging deceit. You may have already noticed a so-called ‘last seen’ time alternative. It’s not good for those who wish to spy on you. Besides, sometimes you may want to hide your online presence not to receive disturbing messages. If you want to keep away from the undesirable conversation, go to Settings à Account à Privacy à Last Seen. Do the same as mentioned in the first tip. Mind that guilt-free ignoring is also possible with Whatsapp.

Return deleted messages
Perhaps, you’ve deleted some important messages by accident. They may prove your relations or serve as your alibi in various tricky situations. You may want to spy on someone who deletes message history in Whatsapp.
One good method is to back-up all Whatsapp chats on an everyday basis. This is a perfect way to spy after yourself each time you want to reread your cloud. Cloud is a safe storage place for your mobile phone data. Then, if you lose the necessary content, reinstall the app and enjoy your messages.

Mute group chat notifications for personal sanity
By hitting a big red button in your Whatsapp, it is possible to solve this issue. Go to the chat. Choose the name at the top to run an in-message settings menu. Try to toggle mute on, carving the bings and bongs for a number of timeframes that vary from “friend-snubbing” 8 hours to an “OK, we’re done” entire year.

Prevent dirty pictures to pop up in your camera
In case you belong to that group of people which loves taking photos, you don’t want your pals to leave nasty pics from parties and gigs on your mobile phone by accident or intentionally. It’s a great way others use to spy on you. Who knows what others may think?
Sudden picture embarrassment can be avoided once you move to Whatsapp Settings and select Chats. There you may toggle the Save Incoming Media tab. That’s the way to share images without being scared of the consequences and forbid others to spy on you.

Crucial messages should be simple to place
Scrolling up and down in a search of a single Whatsapp message is a time-consuming and tiring job. However, sometimes there is no better way to retrieve important information or spy on your target.
Anyway, the only reasonable method is to star your most critical messages for future search. In Whatsapp, it works just like preferring a tweet. Restrain the target text on any other kind of message. In the end, tap the pop-up star icon.

View exactly when your Whatsapp message was read
You may spy after someone by discovering when this person opened your message. When being a part of Whatsapp chat, it may be really useful to find out both who opened a message and when he or she read it. It gives you many privileges.

Hold down on a message you have submitted and get to the ‘info’ tab when it appears. This way, a mobile phone user will always know who opens and reads messages first of all.

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