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Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Edition is a master piece to have in your pocket. The phone is developed with lot of sweet innovations aimed at making life easier for the users. Seven basic features which is making the Samsung device a hot cake are listed below. The features will enhance your user experience immensely.


Firstly, let you need to transfer all the data from our old phones to the new one Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Edition. Samsung has an app that will allow you to quickly transfer everything from your old phone to your Samsung device. Download Smart Switch on both devices from the Samsung Galaxy App store and you are home dry.

Personalizing the home screen of the Galaxy A7 2017 is much more fun because the device comes equipped with stacks of themes and wallpapers that will jazz up your home screen. Go to settings and select “wallpapers and themes”. You can also choose a theme which will completely change the background, font, widget icons, and app backgrounds.

The 5.7-inch screen could be too big, mostly when only one hand is available to operate your phone.  This is not a problem because you can enable the one-handed mode on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Edition. To enable this, go to settings, select “advanced features,” select “one-handed operation,” and toggle on the “reduce screen size” option.
Once you’ve done that, simply triple tap on the home button at any time to shrink the entire screen to a manageable 3.4inch display.

The Galaxy A7 2017 comes equipped with power-saving features for every situation. You have the MID mode, which allows you to extend your battery life to an extent and the MAX which activates an ultra-power saving mode that could really give you more battery juice even when the device is at 1%.
To access this, simply long-press on the power saving option in the notification panel and select any option that suits you.

The Galaxy A7 2017’s camera is one of its unique selling points. There are different modes to play with. The killer punch is the “Pro” mode which gives a host of manual controls to help take professional pictures. You also have Panorama, Night, Hyperlapse, HDR, Night, and Food modes.

The Galaxy A7 2017 comes with a secure folder and it allows you to have a separate, secured space for select applications on your device. By placing apps and files in the secure folder, you get protection from Samsung’s Knox security platform and access is only granted via a fingerprint, passcode or PIN.
The Secure Folder, besides securing your files or photos, is also able to install applications inside.
To access, just pull down the notification panel and select “secure folder.”

Blue light filters are a great way to protect your eyes, especially at night and while there are countless apps available, a stock option is always preferred. The Galaxy A7 comes with a blue light filter that reduces eyestrain by placing a crimson filter over your phone’s blue light.  To activate, pull down the notification panel and toggle on the blue light filter.

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