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Do you know that Chinese music streaming company Transsnet is a subsidiary of  Transsion holdings, the makers of popular phone brands such as Infinix and TECNO. Transsnet is the owner of the pre-installed Boomplay app on your handsets.

These phones are very popular among Africans and by pre-installing the app, the company was able to market Boomplay directly to the consumer.

The app was officially released with the launch of TECNO's first music phone Boom J7 in 2015 and today Boomplay has become the largest streaming music service in Africa with  almost 46 million users on the continent. The app also has a catalog of five million videos and songs, according to the company's figures.

Tecno, Infinix and Itel phones currently hold 50% of Africa's phone market share and are the largest handset providers on the continent by selling phone to very lucrative markets including Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Currently, there are over 444 million mobile users in Africa, nearly surpassing numbers in Europe and creating a urge market for apps like Boomplay when you factor in that the continent's youth population, the youngest in the world is the largest in the world and still expected to more than double its 2015 total of 226 million by the year 2055.

African app developers must move quickly towards taking their rightful place and thereby claiming what is their own. The music streaming market is dominated by Asians and Western Tech companies and thereby making millions of dollars from Africans.

Transnet had just raised $40 million and according to their CEO, "The funding will be used to fuel our expansion across more Francophone regions as well as other parts of Africa."

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