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Whatsapp finally won!!! 8 year ago I got a lovely Symbian phone from Nokia but less than two weeks after I got myself I Blackberry. The reason was, I was all alone on the whatsapp thing then and everyone else was doing BBM. What’s your pin was far cooler than what’s number. Today, BBM is finally died and whatsapp might lose the battle to Telegram. RIP BBM.

Blackberry make the heart breaking announcement that 31st May will be the last working day for the messenger that got so popular during the Obama’s campaign.

Started August 1, 2005, BBM change the landscape of instant messaging with a net subscriber of over 43 million at its peak. By 2010, being on BBM was a status symbol for Nigerians and hence the sale of millions Blackberry devices (New and Foreign Used) in the Nigeria market. According to reports, the led to the death of the once very popular Nokia Symbian phones in the country.

But with the advent of Android and IOS powered smart phones, subscribers slow moved away to other IM platform such as iMessage, Whatsapp, Telegram and others.

So what are you waiting for, you can finally uninstall your beloved BBM app now.

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