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With the current global economy, a lot of people are looking into how to invest some funds into different baskets. Treasury bill, Fixed Deposit, Stocks, and lot more are some of the available options for everyday Nigerians. In recent times, a lot of Fintech mobile apps have been developed to target this market and help sort your investment and saving culture.

Some of these apps such as PiggyVest and Cowrywise are mainly for saving both in Naira and Dollars. They also occasionally have targeted investment. There are other Apps for savings and investment of both Google Play Store and Apple Store, but Piggyvest and Cowrywise are the 2 leading apps. They have been around for a few years and have lots of positive reviews. PiggyVest provides investment into farms and other agricultural-based projects. Cowrywise provides windows of opportunity to invest in a lot of government and corporate security instruments. The 2 applications allow you to invest a little as possible and grow your investment every time you have some extra fund.

Another good investment app available for both Android and iOS is the Bamboo. This app is a stock management app which provides the users the opportunity to invest in both Nigeria and America listed stocks. Investing in stock could be a little tricky and it is important you are we informed before taking a decision on your cash. It could also provide high yield value if the investment(s) hit the right marks. The minimum fund you can invest with Bamboo is $20 which is around N8, 060. 

I strongly recommend downloading and opening an account with any of the Fintech investment company. Today, most countries are on lock down and companies are unable to pay salaries in full, the wise ones like the biblical 5 virgins will have their investment portfolios to fall back on.

Most  of your banking apps will also have the feature to allow you to safe your extra fund now but please read various reviews before you commit your cash to any platform even if it your bank.

If you know any another good investment app, please drop it in the comment section.

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