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The deployment of 5G network has been a huge controversy across the world in the wake of the novel coronal virus pandemic. Nigerian religious and political leaders too added their voice against the deployment of the technology with a lot of conspiracy theories flying in and out. Not a few Nigerians believed that 5G telecommunication technology is the cause of the virus.

The Government of Nigeria, through it agency, Nigeria Communication Commission assured Nigeria that there is no approval for the deployment of 5G across the country. Now, the best network in Nigeria had revealed in its official magazine that it is ready for the deployment of 5G technology.

This revelation is coming out at the wake of the launch of the new 5G-enabled Huawei P40 or P40 Pro smartphones in South Africa. MTN SA states that its 5G network service offering is valid from Monday 1 June 2020 and that it is only available in LTE coverage areas but  “Current 4G devices will not be able to use the new network, which will require new 5G-enabled wireless devices,” quoting a source.


With 5G fully available in South Africa this month, then it is expected to roll out to Nigeria during the third or last  quarter of year 2020.


5G has promised to change the way we do a lot of thing as it will make real time automation of machines and process seamless.

What are your expectations?

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