MultiChoice Nigeria Announces 17% Price Increase on DStv and GOtv Packages: Here's What You Need to Know

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On Tuesday, MultiChoice Nigeria announced a price increase of 17% for its DStv and GOtv packages, effective from May 1, 2023. The company cited rising business operation costs as the reason for the adjustment. Subscribers were notified of the new rates through a text message, which also mentioned an opportunity to retain the previous prices for up to 12 months by remaining active and renewing their subscriptions before April 30.

Here are the new monthly subscription prices for some of the DStv and GOtv packages:

DStv Packages:

  • Premium: N24,500 (previously N21,000)
  • Compact+: N16,600 (previously N14,250)
  • Compact: N10,500 (previously N9,000)
  • Confam: N6,200 (previously N5,300)
  • Yanga: N3,500 (previously N2,950)
  • Padi: N2,500 (previously N2,150)

GOtv Packages:

  • Supa: N6,400 (previously N5,500)
  • Max: N4,850 (previously N4,150)
  • Jolli: N3,300 (previously N2,800)
  • Jinja: N2,250 (previously N1,900)
  • Lite: N1,100 (previously N900)

Despite the price increases, MultiChoice Nigeria introduced a price lock offer to provide some relief to subscribers. By renewing their subscriptions before the due dates, customers can continue paying the old rates for 12 months.


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