3 Ways to Send Whatsapp Message Without Saving Numbers

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WhatsApp has emerged as the ultimate go-to platform for communication, offering a seamless experience for exchanging text messages, videos, photos, and documents. According to Gadgets 360, it has become the default choice for smartphone users worldwide.

Yet, there are moments when reaching out to someone whose number isn't saved on your phone can be a bit of a challenge. After all, WhatsApp requires you to have the recipient's number saved in your contacts.

Let's explore three handy ways to send WhatsApp messages without the need to save numbers.

"Chat with Yourself"

One nifty workaround involves copying the number, pasting it into a chat with yourself, and hitting send. Once the number turns blue, simply tap it, choose "chat with," and voilà! A new chat window opens up.

WhatsApp Link

Another handy trick is creating a WhatsApp link, commonly referred to as the wa.me link. Crafting one is simple: just type https://wa.me/yourPhoneNumber into your web browser. Replace "yourPhoneNumber" with the intended recipient's number, including the country code. Click the link, and opt for "Continue to Chat" – easy as that!

Group Chat

A third approach involves utilizing a group chat on WhatsApp. If the person you wish to message is part of a group you're in, simply open the group chat, tap on their number, and select the "Message" option. This seamlessly opens a chat window for you to communicate directly.

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