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I have worked with both Dochase and Adquet Ad networks for some time for me to be able to write a review of the two networks. The two can be judged to be the leading Ad Networks in Nigeria and through which bloggers can make some few thousands with little stress. Before i go further, let me say this is nothing but my honest review of both Adquet and Dochase Ads Network.

Both Adquet and Dochase are Nigeria based network that have been around for some time. The both lay claim to the fact that the give quick approval to publishers and that you can earn via Pay Per Click and Cost Per Mile. Let us look at each of the networks individually

Initially, Adquet was giving every publisher quick approval to join their network but that has changed in recent times. I know of blogs that were totally denied approval and some that applied like 5 times before becoming the precious Adquet publisher. They have a very limited number of Nigeria based banner ads (not more than 3 major campaigns per time) and the available banners are just one or two designs. Adquet also boost of some text Ads but they pay just like 3 to 7 Naira per click to publishers.

Adquet payment threshold is 2,500 Naira and they pay via Paypal, Check or Bank but Bank payment is the only available option when you try to process you payment online. Adquet Ads are clean without virus which is a great plus for the company. Adquet is just one of the Ads Networks that work with Adsense smoothly.

Their customer service isn’t bad but response time can be quite long. I still rate them the best ad network in Nigeria but they need to pick up more advertisers to have a more robust platform.

Dochase Ads Network recently rebranded itself and launches a new advert platform for their subscribers. The Nigeria based network runs a CPM and CPC based model. At the moment, publishers are truly getting quick approval into the network.

With a payout threshold of just 2,000 naira, Dochase Ads will pay you faster than most other available networks in Nigeria. The network also boost of a large variety of both local and international Ads. The only problem is that some of the Ads cause auto redirect on smart phones and this is not too good for publishers. Their rates are slight lower than that of adquet too.

These two are definitely the best Ads Network in Nigeria and they are also some of the best Adsense Alternatives around.

What is your experience with either Adquet or Dochase Ads Network? Please share them using the the comment box below.

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  1. Thanks for this right up, pls i will like to know the niche they offer

  2. adquet payments processing takes a long time.. about 10-11 days

  3. I actually appreciate the author of the post for acknowledging that Adquet and Dochase are very good adnetworks in Nigeria, but there's one that is already changing the lives of bloggers in Nigeria and it's Alternative Adverts, their CPM is very high and they treat publishers well. I recommend you Sign UP for alternative Adverts by simply visiting here >>>>

    1. i did an extensive research before writing this post... i check the number of advertisers, safety of the ads, CPM/CPC of the networks. i must say that your network is good but the 2 came on top. you can email me at if there are reasons to be added.

  4. Google Adsense vs Adquet for nigerian publishers. who pays more??

  5. Great one, comment from

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