How to Share Data with Airtel Me2U - 2024

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Step 1: Dial the USSD Code

Begin by dialing *312# on your mobile phone to access Airtel’s self-service menu.

Step 2: Navigate the Menu

Find the “Gift” or “Share Data” option. If it’s not immediately visible, continue selecting “Next” until you locate it.

Step 3: Select Data Me2U

Once in the “Share Data” section, select “Data Me2U.” You might need to enter your current PIN and possibly set a new one. The default PIN is 1234, which can be changed later for security.

Step 4: Choose Your Sharing Option

Decide whether to share data from your existing bundle or transfer a specific amount. Pick the option that suits your needs.

Step 5: Enter the Recipient’s Number

Input the Airtel number of the person you want to share data with. Verify the number to ensure it’s correct.

Step 6: Specify the Data Amount

Select the amount of data you wish to share. Make sure to consider Airtel’s data transfer limits to prevent any issues.

Step 7: Confirm with Your PIN

To complete the transfer, you’ll need to confirm using your Airtel transfer PIN. The default PIN is 1234, but it’s advisable to change it for security. You can manage your PIN by dialing *321#.

Step 8: Complete the Transfer

Follow the final prompts to complete the data transfer successfully.

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