Startimes Nigeria Harmonizes DTT and DTH Bouquet Packages for Enhanced Viewing Experience

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Startimes Nigeria, a prominent digital TV service provider, has recently announced the harmonization of its bouquet packages across its Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Direct-to-Home (DTH) platforms. This strategic move aims to provide a more streamlined and cohesive viewing experience for its customers, ensuring that the quality and variety of content remain consistent, regardless of the service delivery method.

What Are DTT and DTH?

  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT): This service delivers television content through terrestrial signals received by an antenna. It is widely accessible and does not require a satellite dish, making it a popular choice in urban and peri-urban areas.
  • Direct-to-Home (DTH): This service delivers television content via satellite signals received by a satellite dish. It provides extensive coverage, including remote and rural areas where terrestrial signals might be weak or unavailable.

Harmonized Packages and Subscription Prices

Startimes Nigeria has unified its bouquet packages for both DTT and DTH platforms with the following subscription prices:

  • Nova
    • DTT: ₦1700
    • DTH: ₦1700
  • Basic
    • DTT: ₦3300
    • DTH: ₦4200
  • Classic
    • DTT: ₦5000
    • DTH: ₦6200
  • Super
    • DTT: ₦8000
    • DTH: ₦8200

The new harmonized packages will take effect starting June 13, 2024.

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Exciting Promotional Offer

In addition to harmonizing the bouquet packages, Startimes is also launching the “Upgrade to the Next Bouquet” promo. This exciting offer allows subscribers to enjoy a free upgrade to the next higher package when they pay for their current Startimes TV subscription. This promotion provides an excellent opportunity for customers to explore more channels and premium content without additional cost.

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